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Type Overall architectural management
Client Neue Brünnen AG
Location Bern-Brünnen, Switzerland
Year 2008

In 2000, New York architect Daniel Libeskind won the architectural competition to design a leisure and shopping centre in Bern-Brünnen. Barbara Holzer was responsible for overall architectural management right through to the centre’s opening in 2008.

The Brünnen leisure and shopping centre is a location for the 21st century, combining recreation and entertainment facilities, restaurants, cafés and shopping into an integrated experience for visitors with a vast range of interests.

The vision that was realised in the west of Bern redefined the concept of the urban centre as a place for people to meet. At the core of the imposing construction is the light-filled mall, containing 70 outlets on a series of levels. The complex is part of the Brünnen development , a major architectural project that has created work for 800 people and new homes for 2,600.